Lips & Arms

by Kitty Rhombus

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Kitty Rhombus formed in Madison, WI in 2007, though three members now reside in Minneapolis. Utilizing this dual-citizenship, they frequently perform in both cities. After a demo in 2008 and the 2009 EP, When The Walls Fell, Kitty Rhombus released their first full length album Lips & Arms in April 2010.

Drawing from a schizoid list of inspirations, this four-piece has created new recipe for rock n’ roll. While the quickly changing nature of their songs might tempt listeners to call it prog-rock, the paranoid vocals, creeping guitars, and groovy drum and bass of Kitty Rhombus adds an infectious post-punk vibe.

Kitty Rhombus is a juggling of extremes: simultaneously melodic and dissonant, both dark and playful. Even in their most complex, prog moments, Kitty Rhombus still manages to infuse their sound with a raw, manic energy that transcends the complexity. In this teetering balance they achieve a romance between control and the loss of control – on the one hand playing keenly syncopated rhythms and riffs, and on the other hand devolving into psychedelic noise.

Kitty Rhombus’s 2010 release, Lips & Arms, kidnaps the listener and brings us on a multi-dimensional thrill ride. “Gas Station” transports you to a distant planet, while “Mouse Little Mouse” tells us about the quiet life of a taxidermied ape.

Live and on record, Kitty Rhombus is an experience that leaves you in an altered state, not knowing pleasure from pain, or reality from illusion.


released April 7, 2010

Ian Stenlund -- vocals/guitar
Jason Stanek -- bass/vocals
Matt Styrwoll -- drums/vocals
Lee Chato -- guitar

Recorded and Produced by Kitty Rhombus and Dustin Sisson.
Mastered by Kai Stenlund and Josh Parlanti



all rights reserved


Kitty Rhombus Madison, Wisconsin

A healthy embrace of chaos

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Track Name: Outside In
He’s got shoulders on his head
Stomach bigger than his eyes
Soldier of the few
Master of undisguised
Master of truthful lies
He’ll never compromise

Put his shoes in yourself
He puts his hands in his head
He’ll backtalk you to a halt
He’ll turn your lives inside out
I put the ground in my head
I put a mouth in your foot
Master of undisguised

There’s eyes in his stars eyes in his stars
Eyes in his stars eyes in his stars
There’s eyes in his stars eyes in his stars
Master of undisquised
Master of truthful lies
Truthful lies truthful lies truthful lies truthful
Eyes truthful lies truthful eyes

Put his shoes in yourself
Track Name: Daughters'
A cracked lens
The rain
A broken cigarette
A tourniquet

God fuck shit cancer the infection of
Fate with gonorrhea
I infect your daughters’ daughters
I infect your daughters’ daughters

A flat tire the planets prosthetics

I shit in the milk of your mother
I shit in the milk of your comfort

Dull pensil red ink spill mouth to fill
Diseased door plastic whore
The cause the cure

Why have I come to this world?
(The hospital the machine a tranquilizer)
Why can’t I dream in this world
(A lame rocking chair)
(It’s a problem the cause the cure)
I must leave

Fuck shit piss cancer

What’s this? For me?
Aw sunshine flowers

Why have I come to this world?
(The hospital the machine a tranquilizer)
Why can’t I dream in this world
(A lame rocking chair)
(It’s a problem the cause the cure)
I must leave
Track Name: Parasitic Emergence
I can feel it move
I can feel it grow

I always
take things
too far

Parasite, attached to my body
Parasite, welcomed as a child
Track Name: Abduction from the Seraglio
Oh these hands
Oh this mouth
Hey her voice
Yeah her taste
Wait til dark
Now our pain

As stillness sets the palace down for night
He feels the soft charge of a viscous dusk
It is sunset at the Seraglio
In the fleeting grasp of lucidity
He hears the eunuchs’ sad songs

The doors are open
Come set me free
But I cant feel nothing
It’s a waste of energy
Track Name: ,Baby?
I’ll break it down into words, baby My flesh and bones got something to say
The worlds only round if you dont stop movin
I said the worlds only round if you don’t stop moving

Now it doesn’t matter what I say
I still fall down through
I’ve cut the brakes and killed the lights
Desert fades away

So will you trust me behind the wheel, baby?
I drive through deserts at top speed for you, girl
And my eyes are never on the road, lover
I’ll make the earth move under you now

Movin in a rocket at light speed, all the faces blur
If the clock stops, never will the heart, escape the grip of death

Ive cut the brakes, killed the lights
Will you trust me? Will you trust me? (x2)

I’ll drive off the edge of the earth
I’ll drive off….
Track Name: Gas Station
Should I fly or beam to surface?
Through the layers of atmosphere (into the unknown)
Let’s talk about the distance
A space between the smallest parts
Plasmatic static set control
Let’s talk about the distance

A scattering of molecules (all at once)
Crashing through subspace frequencies
Can you think of some recent memory?
Will you know your save state?
In some somatic signature
Can you think of separate personalities?
In some somatic signature
Will you reappear as more than one?

Will I feel it tearing me apart
Will I fell a loss of solidity
Will it reassemble me
Whose idea was this
Will I make it to the other side
Will my lungs be full of foreign air
From mass into energy
Whose idea was this?

Doya wanna?
I won’t wait to go there, what doya think about that?
To the gas station!
Track Name: Phantom Skin
Why can’t I find my body?
Surgery’s been botched
Lost in some painless undertow
Fully amputated

Weightless and nameless and faceless
Just a disembodied focus
Spinning under wave of phantom skin

I had a body to live in
I had a body to sleep in
I had a body to eat in
I had a body to breathe in
I had a body to hurt in
I had a body to lie in
I had a body to trust in
Full body, mind amputation
Track Name: Divine Dramedy
Classify the colors of the night
They are, after all, just as infinite
As those of the day

When pictures are taken
His eyes widen like
Like dull knives

When pictures are taken
His eyes widening eyes
Like dull knives
Tear at futures flesh
Tick after twitch, Tick after twitch
And the taste of copper
Worries his tongue
And forcing a smile
He hides his pounding uncertainty

My makeup is bleeding
My makeup is bleeding
His makeup is bleeding

Divine drama
Divine comedy
Track Name: Dr. Who is Dead
Ringing out to Who
Dead line tones sooths no one

Traveling through time
In infinite dimensions
A man finds the ruins
And meets his demise

Are you marooned, Who?
Was your booth consumed?

Stuck on the other side
There’s no hope of return
He’s only got his will to live
And a broken phone
Track Name: Mouse Little Mouse
A taxidermied ape stares blindly at a room of teacups. The cups are piled and stacked and very still. The mouse little Mouse cannot hide his excitement scuttling through the tens
Of thousands of porcelain flowers, he hold his tiny paws up in the air and yells with frenzied rapture EEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee!
The teatime china towers topsy-turvy. It’s what every mouse dreams about. Weaving through lips and arms, fur rubbing quick and smoothly.